profitability and well-being

Equilium organizes training sessions (workshops) to increase profitability AND employee well-being 
(well-being at work) 
within your company at the same time through a unique approach :


1.         Each theme or area of management (communication, general management, learning and development, …) will be discussed from 3 perspectives at the same time (Profitability / Well-being / Sustainability).
You will know more about how to put improvement into practice immediately during the first day of training.

2.         You will learn how to avoid being misled by your usual way of thinking and gut reactions to gain efficiency and create more value for your business (profitability) and yourself (well-being).


You can increase profitability and well-being at the same time !

CONTEnt and methodology

Each theme or area of management mentioned below will be handled to highlight the profitability for your company, the well-being for each employee AND the sustainability of taken measures. These topics will be addressed through practical assessment exercices, case studies from other companies and new solutions that can be put into practice immediately.

We will use about 120 thoughts and concepts, assessments, ideas and ... solutions covering thses themes while keeping theory to a fair minimum. We will make a point of avoiding being misled by our usual way of thinking in our decisions and tasks on a daily basis (Several models of thinking will be used to support this).

By changing views you will be able to move away from gut reactions and generate more efficiency and value for your company and yourself.


This approach also paves the way to the enforcement of the regulations on well-being (psychological and social risks incuding stress and burnout) that have been mandatory since September 1st, 2014.

This training will also help you  :

  • Be more productive.
  • Reduce the number of employees who do not come to work.
  • As a result your overall workflow will become more fluid.
  • Your company will also become more agile and attract the best talent.
  • This method can be applied in no time.


Why should you chose Equilium ?


We have much knowledge (expertise and experience in the fields) of profitability AND well-being (where realism and balance come to play).


Our trainings are based on situations that speak to each individual and company. Therefore we do not replicate merely theoretical models that are not agile enough for today's business framework.