Do you want to increase profitability of your company and grow the business ? 

Do you want to take your well-being to the next level as an individual ?


Equilium focuses on helping its customers find the right balance between both whether they are business organizations (Well-being and Profitability, enabling to enhance both) or individuals (Harmony and well-being, coaching (Management and personal) and Dynamic Sophrology ® 

(for companies and individuals).




You want to increase the profitability of you business. That sounds great ! So you should know that :

  • 300.000 people in Belgium are with permanent disabilities (+34% in 10 years according to the Institut National d'Assurance Maladie-Invalidité aka INAMI).
  • 64% of people consider themselves as too stressed leading to less motivation, lower productivity, ... .
  • The absenteeism rate is increasing every year.
  • 1 person out of 10 suffers from burnout and 1 out of 5 will in the future (according to Eupora and the WHO). 

Your business may be affected both financially (absence, decreased productivity, …) and organizationally (motivation,…).

We can help you in both cases with the following approach :


You can increase well-being AND profitability at work !


Our first unique asset should matter to ever everyone : How can we avoid being misled by our usual way of thinking when we make our decisions and perform our daily tasks ? By changing views you will move away from gut reactions and move toward more profitability for your business and well-being for your employees. Our second unique asset allows us to discuss major themes and areas of management within your company (Communication, General Management, Learning and Development, Project Management, ...) from 3 perspectives at the same time : Profitability, Well-being / and Sustainability.

Equilium can also help you better deliver on your responsabilities thanks to its expertise in Management Coaching while meeting your needs (people management, communication, time management, stress and burnout,  work-life balance, …).




With its personalized coaching, Equilium  will guide you through the best ways to feel better and be yourself (again). We will leverage tools inspired by Dynamic Sophrology® , MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), thought management, … .

The goal is clear. We want to help you find a healthy balance and a new harmony between body and soul which will enable you to address issues and concerns in a positive manner such as stress/burnout, feeling of being overwhelmed, muscular pain, emotional control, support during hardships of life (sickness, death, joblessness, divorce, schoolfailure, …)  or concentration problems, … .