Management coaching - individual coaching (well-being)

Equilium has developed 2 types of coaching :

  • Management coaching
  • Individual coaching (well-being)

Equilium believes that coaching is a tool challenging participants and enabling individuals to find solutions and define actions to feel better, better know themselves and solve personal or other types of problems. Individuals remain obviously free to do what they want, share experience and determine the pace of change. A number of actions will be suggested.


tools and method


 We will use various tools that are inspired by proven techniques such as

  • Nonviolent communication (NVC)
  • MIindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Sophrology

while considering what each participant is able to do during training sessions.

Change will not be focused on actual issues anymore (memories, emotional difficulties, etc.). We will tackle how individuals deal with these issues (believe or deny thoughts, accept or avoid emotions, ...).
 The difficulties they face are more often due to how they evolve within a certain context than a trouble to get rid of.

The coach will act as an external judge and create a confidential area where he/she will provoke participants and take them out of their comfort zone (personally and professionally) , what they think and believe in order to have them express and release their emotions.

management coaching

individual coaching


  • Work-life balance
  • Stress and burnout
  • People management
  • Communication problems
  • Management problems
  • Time Management problems
  • Assessment interview
  • Conflits
  • Career assessment
  • ...


  • Stress and burnout
  • Need for guidance
  • Need to find another purpose in life
  • Lack of well-being
  • Sense of being overwhelmed
  • Harmony between body and soul
  • Conflits
  • Sleep improvment
  • ...

Coaching is an area dedicated to you where we look for solutions to your problems in intimacy and confidentiality. We will get there with you by letting your better know yourself and understand your needs and emotions. You will also be more conscious of pitfalls and road blocks around you (environment, life, beliefs, denials, rumination,  …).

We will also take advantage of some tools that can be used to improve well-being  (acceptance, positioning, personal challenges, alternatives, meditation, self-understanding, …).

We will drive into how to make successful as changes as using these tools on a regular basis will make a difference and will take you to the next level of well-being.


We will be willing to support you in your efforts to feel better and give you these tools to achieve your objectives. You will be in the driver seat and know what you should do and shoudn't do.


It is important to mention that coaching will neither replace nor modify any medical treatment.